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Detective Joseph Hopkins, LAPD Steps Into the Hot Seat

Amber and Dave sit down to talk CALORCA and LEAPS with LAPD Detective Joseph Hopkins. You’ve seen him around the industry, now get to know him!

TalkLP Welcomes Adrian Beck

TalkLP hosts welcome Adrian Beck to talk about what he’s seen in the LP industry over the years and his newest research and retail trends. We also talk free research resources for loss prevention professionals (yes, even here in the US!).

TalkLP Gets Personal with Gus Downing

Get to know Gus in our unscripted environment! Take a listen to the unscripted side of LP when the industry’s leading interviewer becomes the interviewee!

Dave and Amber get the Scoop on the FL Retail Federation

Have you heard about these state retail organizations? Any clue what they’re about – or why you should care? Take a listen to Shelby Dotson from the Florida Retail Federation to find out!

Dave and Amber talk Netflix and False Confessions

Amber interviews Dave about his recent appearance on Netflix and why he doesn’t have an IMDB rating yet? You never know where this conversation will go…false confessions, Netflix suggestions, and IF you should interview people you know, yep, we went there.

Kickoff – TalkLP Welcomes New Host: David Thompson, CFI

Kickoff – TalkLP Welcomes New Host: David Thompson, CFI

Episode 5 – The Loss Prevention Foundation – A friendly and informational conversation with the newly appointed President, Terry Sullivan.

Terry, Amber, and Kevin talk about the history, the function, and the great benefits of the Loss Prevention Foundation.

Episode 4 – SEXUAL HARASSMENT INTERVIEW TRAINING – The topic of sexual harassment in the workplace continues to be a prevalent conversation throughout today’s society.

Brett Ward – Divisional Vice President – Business Development & Client Relations at Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates takes a deep dive into this sensitive yet relevant subject with Amber and Kevin.

Episode 3 – CLIMBING THE LEADERSHIP LADDER IN LP – The journey, challenges, and best practices of rising through the ranks in Loss Prevention / Asset Protection – Kathleen Smith – VP of Asset Protection at Albertsons Company

TalkLP.com’s third episode is an in depth conversation with Kathleen Smith, a well regarded senior leader in the LP / Asset Protection industry. Kathleen shares her experience in transitioning from law enforcement to Loss Prevention as well as some tips to those looking to increase their role and responsibility.

Episode 2 – FALSE CONFESSIONS – Obtaining an admission of guilt for a crime for which the confessor is not responsible – Dave Thompson – VP of Operations at W-Z

TalkLP.com’s second episode is a conversation with Dave Thompson, an interview and interrogation expert. Dave has been heavily involved in the national conversation regarding false confessions for the past few years. His expertise and perspective on the future of interviewing and interrogation is certainly interesting!

Introduction to TalkLP.com – Amber and Kevin provide an overview and vision of the podcast

Amber and Kevin take a couple of minutes to lay out the plan for the forthcoming TalkLP.com podcast. The moral of the podcast…This is a podcast for the LP and security community so your feedback, suggestions, and sponsorship is greatly appreciated!

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