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Prof. Emmeline Taylor Talks UK Crime Trends & Upcoming APEX Panel

TalkLP Host Amber Bradley was super excited to talk retail crime trends with Professor Emmeline Taylor, PhD, Professor of Criminology at City, University of London and Host of Retail Crime Uncovered Podcast!  Emmeline and Amber talk the differences between the US and the UK in terms of crime trends.  They also discuss the UK’s recent […]

Busting Myths & Getting REAL about Body Worn Cameras with REI

TalkLP Host Amber Bradley gets REAL with Brian Friedman, Director of Asset Protection & Risk Management for REI and Mike Shore, General Manager – Enterprise at AXON, about body worn cameras. Learn a little history, a little tech understanding about this SUPER hot topic in the industry right now AND learn a LOT about the […]

Are we the “No” department?

TalkLP Host Amber Bradley and co-host NRF’s Vice President of Asset Protection & Retail Operations, David Johnston, chat with NRF’s Loss Prevention Council Chair Scott McBride, Chief Global Asset Protection Officer, CSO, Security Operations for American Eagle, about industry trends, what to expect at NRF PROTECT and what retail executives are planning for in the […]

Crisis Management Under the Highest Stakes

Joe Lawless, Senior Transportation and Security Advisor at Edward Davis, LLC, joins TalkLP Host Amber Bradley to talk crisis management.  Joe has not only had an impressive career in law enforcement and in public service, he was also responsible for the security at the Boston Logan Airport on Sept. 11, 2001 — the worst attack […]

Vendor Networking Events: Boondoggle or Valuable?

In this recent edition of Point vs. Counterpoint, TalkLP Host Amber Bradley takes on the value of vendor networking events with two perspectives: Integrator vs. VP of LP Perspective.  Here’s the background: Recently IPVM ran an article entitled, “Why Integrators ‘Need to do better,’ Train More, Says Fortune 1000 Security End User” which discussed a […]

In Other News… w/ former CIA Chief John Franchi

TalkLP Host Amber Bradley gets “THE” update from former CIA Station Chief John Franchi.  John and Amber talk the recent cell phone outage – who’s responsible – upcoming elections predictions, Russia elections, cell phone scams, password protection, and more…  John talks about how all this craziness impacts retail and what executives need to be prepared […]

Securing the ENTIRE Property with Equity Residential

TalkLP Host Amber Bradley talks securing an entire property with Equity Residential — a nationwide multi-family property management company.  Jenny Price is the Program Manager for Smart Home – which includes access to the buildings and community areas.  With co-host, Executive Vice President of Sales for NAVCO, Angie Barnes, we dive into how Jenny manages […]

An Iconic Brand’s Approach to LP

TalkLP Host Amber Bradley is STOKED to be joined by Adonis Jacovides, a Chief of Loss Prevention at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company straight from Cyprus! Adonis talks about the Ritz Carlton iconic brand and how important the empowerment is among its Ladies and Gentlemen. From a prison officer to a chief of loss prevention, Adonis […]

The Benefits of Your Own ROC (Remote Operations Center)

TalkLP Host Amber Bradley sits down with Ryan Themm, Corporate Investigations Manager at Meijer to talk tech.  Ryan describes the structure of Meijer in terms of asset protection team and how they support the Meijer operations staff as well.  Any tech conversation wouldn’t be complete these days without addressing how solution providers work together to […]

Ben Dugan Goes on the Record with TalkLP

TalkLP Host Amber Bradley catches up with Ben Dugan, Executive Director of Central Investigations at CVS Health to discuss recent headlines about quantifying the Organized Retail Crime (ORC) problem retailers are facing.  As an asset protection industry veteran, Ben Dugan has been fighting for visibility to the ORC issue to help keep customers and employees […]

Talking LPR Tech with Auror

TalkLP Host Amber Bradley sits down with Bobby Haskins, Vice President of Retail Partnerships, at Auror to talk critical technology that helps keep employees and customers safe: License Plate Recognition (LPR).  Most practitioners don’t know that Auror has this technology and Bobby clears up why that is — and many other insights on industry trends. […]

Workplace Violence Threat Assessment with Frank Patercity

TalkLP Host Amber Bradley sits down with Frank Patercity, Director of Corporate Security, Investigations & Organized Retail Crime (ORC), for Kroger.  This was a MUST HAVE from a podcast perspective because his APEX presentation was so highly rated and the peeps wanted more! And at TalkLP, we’re here to serve!  So, Frank expands on the […]

In Other News: The Impact of Middle East Tensions on Retail

TalkLP Host Amber Bradley sits down with former CIA agent and station chief John Franchi to discuss the war in the Middle East and its impact on retail.  Learn about how this conflict erupted and the prediction for the future.  Also hear from an expert on international affairs about executive travel, supply chain impact and […]

Changing the LP Game with Brandon Gentry

Head of Safety and Security for IHG Hotels and Resorts, Brandon Gentry, formerly Vice President of GameStop, sits down with TalkLP Host Amber Bradley to discuss his background, leadership track and how his career has evolved through the years.  Regardless of company, Brandon helps our listeners understand a transition into the VP seat and what […]

Priesthood or LP: A different type of Confession

TalkLP Host Amber Bradley sits down with James Cosseboom, Director of Asset Protection for Retail Business Services (AHOLD) – but he’ll explain that.  As a grocery asset protection industry veteran, Jim has seen his share of change and growth throughout his extensive career.  Hear how Jim decided he preferred catching shoplifters over becoming a priest….both […]

Amazon Leadership Lessons A to Z

TalkLP Host Amber Bradley and co-host Angie Barnes, Executive Vice President Sales at NAVCO, sit down with Heather Warner, Head, Global Physical Security Operations Technology for Amazon.  Yep. That’s right – we were lucky enough to pick Heather’s brain about her time at Amazon, her career growth, the importance of leaning in to peoples’ superpowers […]

Debut of New TalkLP Host David Lund

TalkLP Host David Lund, CFI, LPC, interviews marketing and communication expert Amber Bradley about her role in the loss prevention industry, what inspires her, and of course, David’s signature “Terrible Twelve” questions to get her warmed up for the podcast!  Check out David’s debut episode with an industry veteran of a different sort. The Asset […]

APEX Speaker Spotlight: Owners of Vigilare Surveillance

TalkLP Host Amber Bradley sits down with owners of Vigilare, Nancy Amoroso and Ross Hay, in this episode of TalkLP.  Nancy and Ross are speakers at the upcoming APEX conference in Nashville, Sept. 13 – 15.  Their session, “An Executive Perspective on Surveillance: Risk vs. Reward.”  Vigilare is rapidly becoming THE standard for training teams […]

…In Other News with Former CIA Agent John Franchi

TalkLP Host Amber Bradley is back with the new series “…In Other News” with John Franchi, former CIA agent.  Amber and John talk the fentanyl crisis, supply chain potential issues, and WHHHAATT another potential pandemic??  Check out this convo to hear what’s really going on in the world! Want more information from John?  Subscribe to […]

NRF Welcomes Scott McBride as Council Chair

National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Vice President of Asset Protection & Retail Operations David Johnston and the newly announced Chair of the NRF Loss Prevention Council, Scott McBride, Chief Global Asset Protection Officer & CSO at AMERICAN EAGLE OUTFITTERS INC. joins TalkLP Host Amber Bradley to discuss the re-energized direction of the NRF Loss Prevention initiatives […]

Fighting Fraud with Forter

TalkLP Host Amber Bradley chats with the Head of Risk at Forter, Doriel Abrahams, about fighting fraud with Forter at the 2022 CLEAR / FLEPRU conference!  Check out Doriel explaining what Forter does to help fight loyalty fraud, online fraud, and credit card fraud — all in REAL TIME!  Watch out fraudsters because if retailers […]

…In Other News: Former CIA Agent John Franchi

TalkLP Host Amber Bradley kicks off a new series, “…In Other News,” as she interviews folks that might have nothing to do with loss prevention or asset protection — but have value to bring to this industry nonetheless!  Take former CIA agent John Franchi for instance.  This guy is a wealth of knowledge about what […]

The Proof is in the ROI, Here’s How to Create It

TalkLP host Amber Bradley chats with Gianna Davis, Asset Protection Director of National Investigations for Albertsons Companies about establishing an ROI for needed investments.  Return-on-Investment (ROI) is often a played term, but it’s use is not going away any time soon…..so, better understand it.  ROI analysis of technology is often a cumbersome process.  Gianna walks […]

Solving Total Retail Loss = It’s as easy as Green Means Go

TalkLP Host sits down with tech maven Barbara Jones-Brown, Founder and CEO of Freeing Returns and Johnny Custer, Chief Operating Officer.  Freeing Returns is a newbie to the Loss Prevention space — in name only.  Amber gets to the bottom of exactly what Freeing Returns does and what they’ve been doing for the last 10 […]

Conflict Prevention when Dealing with ‘Homelessness’

TalkLP Host Amber Bradley sits down with RLPSA Keynote speaker Ryan Dowd, Chief Empathy Officer for Homeless Training Center.com to discuss Ryan’s expert advice on dealing with the homeless at your organization.  Listen to this episode, sponsored by NAVCO, to gather some insight on the issue of homelessness and the best way to truly de-escalate […]

Quick 2 Mins with CEO of Reveal Media

TalkLP host Amber Bradley has a quick chat with the CEO of Reveal Media, Alasdair Field, about body worn camera technology and why Reveal is leading the field of this SUPER HOT technology.  Alasdair answers the question, “Is it really that different in the UK vs. US?” Alasdair also explains how the technology came about […]

Totally Unfiltered with Former Police Chief Kristen Ziman

TalkLP host Amber Bradley gets totally unfiltered with Kristen Ziman, Former Chief of the Aurora IL Police Department (Ret.), Professional Speaker, and Published Author of Reimagining Blue.  In this super real conversation, Amber and Kristen talk about the complexities of power, empathy, the divisiveness of the current state of this country, and more. How do […]

Assessing Risk Both Personally and Professionally

Josh Phillips, Senior Director and Head of Safety & Asset Protection for Chipotle Mexican Grill sits down with TalkLP Host Amber Bradley to talk deviating career paths, the best way to truly be open-minded, and the BEST career advice he’s ever received.  Josh also talks about the benefits of creating a real and authentic workplace…and […]

Everything is an Interview

Paul Jaeckle, Vice President of Asset Protection of Meijer Stores, sits down with TalkLP Host Amber Bradley to talk grocery SUPERBOWL, setting a non-linear career path, the two way street of mentorship, and how to target learning specific skills to truly move forward.  Paul also talks about when to take a step back in your […]

How Walmart is Fighting Crime

Wade Schillo, Senior Manager, Asset Protection – Associate Experience for Walmart, has a quick chat with TalkLP host Amber Bradley about the tools Walmart is using to help reduce crime in their stores.  With over 18,000 associates in an asset protection role, Wade chats about WHY Auror was the perfect fit for the broad generational […]

Quick 2 Mins with Genetec: Making Tech Easier

In this quick 2 minute chat TalkLP’s host Amber Bradley chats with Marc Bergeron, Business Development Manager with Genetec about how they are truly making working with technology easier — and more secure.  Marc sums up why it’s so easy to work with Genetec and the newest ways they are making it even easier! Plus, […]

Here’s How to Work with HSI

Ok, exactly HOW do you work with Homeland Security on your organized retail crime cases?  Check out TalkLP host Amber Bradley’s conversation with Allen Vanscoy, section chief for Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) National Lead Development Center (NLDC).  Allen describes how retail ORC investigators can work with HSI and how HSI can support you through the […]

Amber & Gus Talk Legislation with NRF Experts

TalkLP host Amber Bradley teams up with industry veteran and owner of the D&D Daily Gus Downing to talk legislative updates with NRF experts Jon Gold, Vice President of Supply Chain & Customs Policy, Jason Straczewski, Vice President of Government Relations & Public Affairs and David Johnston, Vice President of Asset Protection & Retail Operations.  […]

Why The Home Depot Utilizes ThinkLP

TalkLP host Amber Bradley recently caught up with Rory Stallard, Sr. Manager of Asset Protection Investigations at The Home Depot at the CLEAR / FLEPRU Annual Conference.  Rory talks about how such a complex company organizes its investigations and ensures quality of information.  Rory also discusses why and how a large investigations team like his […]

A Quick Chat with NRF’s New VP of AP David Johnston

TalkLP Host Amber Bradley sits down with the new Vice President of Asset Protection & Retail Operations for the National Retail Federation (NRF), David Johnston, to discuss his new role at NRF and some sneak peeks at January’s BIG Show in NYC! David also shares the most surprising part about his new role!  Check it […]

Is it a Tank…or a Farmer?

TalkLP Host Amber Bradley sits down with Scott McBride, Chief Global Asset Protection Officer & Chief Security Officer at American Eagle Outfitters Inc. to discuss how he helped create and shape the asset protection program at American Eagle through the years and what he learned as a Army Staff Sergeant in the Marines.  Scott talks […]


TalkLP Host Amber Bradley welcomes Terry Sullivan, president of the Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) (owner of Loss Prevention Magazine), into the TalkLP hot seat at the recent CLEAR / FLEPRU conference in Orlando.  Check out this chat about what’s new at LPF/LPM to include new training courses for law enforcement and organized retail crimes investigators, […]

HSI Deputy Assistant Director Raul Aguilar on Fighting Back Against ORC

Deputy Assistant Director of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Raul Aguilar joins TalkLP host Amber Bradley to talk Operation Boiling Point, recent successes, what retailers can do to help, and gets a little personal with what makes him tick.  Raul goes into detail about the four pillars of Operation Boiling Point and how HSI and retailers […]

Thinking Global while Acting Local

TalkLP host Amber Bradley sits down with the Senior Director of Loss Prevention & Corporate Security at one of the largest restaurant companies in the world, Dave Johnston, at NRF PROTECT recently to talk global trends and how to communicate to disparate stakeholders in your organization — especially during a crisis like say….a pandemic.  Dave […]

Industry Veterans Talk Tech Lifecycle Management

Jordan Rivchun, Head of Business Development at Hanwha Techwin and Kevin Darnell, Sr. Business Development Manager at Hanwha Techwin grab a chat with TalkLP host Amber Bradley at NRF PROTECT to talk the tech supply chain and what makes the difference at Hanwha.  As both former Loss Prevention executives, Jordan and Kevin point out why […]

Expert Duo DeSantis & Matas Talk Fighting ORC

Chris DeSantis,  Senior Director, Investigations & Fraud Strategy at Macy’s and John Matas, Head of Fraud Operations at Etsy chat with TalkLP host Amber Bradley at the recent NRF PROTECT conference about strategies for fighting organized retail crime (ORC).  Both gentlemen are respective experts in fighting ORC for a long time and they provide historical […]

What is Disciplined Listening anyway?

TalkLP Host Amber Bradley catches up with Mike Reddington, President of InQuasive, Inc. and former Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates Vice President.  Amber and Mike talk his latest venture including writing a book called, The Disciplined Listening Method: How a Certified Forensic Interviewer Unlocks Hidden Value in Every Conversation. Mike also discusses how loss prevention professionals can use […]

CLEAR Leadership Talks ORC Action & Upcoming Conference

TalkLP host Amber Bradley sits down with the Coalition of Law Enforcement & Retail (CLEAR) leadership Ben Dugan, President, and Rich Rossman, Vice President to talk about retail and law enforcement partnerships that REALLY make a difference in the fight against organized retail crime (ORC).  They also preview the upcoming CLEAR / FLEPRU conference November […]

Kroger Talks Tech & LPRC

TalkLP host Amber Bradley sits down with Chris McCarrick, Senior Manager, Asset Protection Solutions and Technology and Kevin Larson, Senior Manager of Asset Protection at Kroger to talk LP technologies and what’s new at the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC).  Hear what Kroger is prioritizing to ensure their technologies are working together such as Gatekeeper […]

Ring of Excellence Winner: Van Carney

TalkLP host Amber Bradley sits down with Ring of Excellence winner Van Carney to chat his reaction about this outstanding recognition. The Ring of Excellence Award is reserved for distinguished professionals who have shaped the loss prevention industry through their leadership and innovations. One of this year’s recipients is Van Carney, senior security and loss prevention consultant […]

WZ Talks Interviewing Changes & Upcoming ETD

TalkLP hot seat welcomes WZ President Dave Thompson, CFI and Executive Director of IAI Tony Paixão, CFE, CFI to talk evolution of the interviewing science and practice.  These experts provide context around why it’s so important to stay on top of your interviewing skills.  They also give a preview of what’s on deck for the […]

You Could be Trying Too Hard

Damon Cavasin, Corporate Director of Asset Protection for SpartanNash, chats with TalkLP Host Amber Bradley about labor issues, the complexities of providing services for independent retailers and importance of data analysis — and how it makes you in the upper echelon of investigators.  Damon also explains why NO RISK = NO REWARD is a very […]

Ring of Excellence Winner: Alisa Dart

TalkLP host Amber Bradley was super excited to congratulate NRF’s Ring of Excellence Winner Alisa Dart, Group Vice President of Asset Protection for the Albertsons Companies on our latest podcast!  Hear how Alisa feels about why she won the award and what leadership philosophies she’s adopted over her career. [You can also learn how to […]

Thinking Long term vs. Here & Now

TalkLP Host Amber Bradley sits down with Oscar Arango, Vice President of Assets Protection for Target to talk thinking creatively about positions within your career journey and the importance of connecting to the daily challenges within a store.  Oscar also shares his thoughts on influencing store and field teams to positively impact the organization by gathering real-world […]

From Being Led to Leading

Eddie Foley, Vice President of Loss Prevention at Tractor Supply Company, sits down with TalkLP host Amber Bradley about the transition and nuance of being led to leading.  Eddie relays that making time for “hallway” conversations and ensuring you’re walking stores to hear the REAL feedback about how you’re doing in your role is super […]

Strategic (and Scary) Career Pivots

A pivot to a store manager? Yes, sir.   TalkLP Host Amber Bradley grills Khristopher (Khris) Hamlin, Vice President, Asset Protection at Saks OFF 5th to explains why he decided to divert his climb up the asset protection ladder to obtain operations experience as a store manager.  This brave 25-year veteran describes how to he did […]

Finally….A New Perspective on “Development”

TalkLP Host Amber Bradley is STOKED to chat with Mike Combs, Director of Asset Protection, Organized Retail Crime and Central Investigations Team at The Home Depot as he describes his take on talent development vs. career advancement.  FINALLY someone is saying something new when it comes to managing and developing people.  He also describes a […]

[Don’t] Stay In Your Lane

Do you report to the CFO?  Art Barraza, Director of Loss Prevention and Safety at Lovesac, chats with TalkLP Host Amber Bradley about the positives and challenges of working directly for the Chief Financial Officer.  Learn the secret of having the answers before they ask the question….(hint: tie it into operational benefits)…but here’s some actual […]

The One Test You Must Take

Host of TalkLP, Amber Bradley, sits down with industry veteran John Goldyn, Vice President of Loss Prevention for Gabes.  Amber and John talk how to plan your next career move, why understanding the inventory process is SO important, and why partnering (or experiencing) business operations is critical to your career.  John also provides his “secret” […]

How to Not Die on the Wrong Hill

In this TalkLP episode, host Amber Bradley chats with the new Vice President of Safety and Loss Prevention at Domino’s, Nicole McDargh, CPP.  This extremely meaty episode will give you writer’s cramp as Nicole discusses how to communicate the value proposition for loss prevention teams and program investments.  She also explains why it’s so important […]

Busting Tech Myths to Keep Stores Safer

Todd Fernandez, Director of Loss Prevention for Stater Bros. Markets sits down with TalkLP host Amber Bradley to bust some common misconceptions about technology that creates safer stores.  Facial recognition technology is some of the most misunderstood tech out there; while possibly having the greatest return on keeping our retail stores safer.  According to Zogby […]

Don’t have a failure example? You should.

TalkLP host Amber Bradley sits down with Steve Walker, Lead Director, Major Crimes for Walgreens to talk leadership, the transition from law enforcement to retail, changing law enforcement environment, and more.  Steve provides the audience insights on learning a role quickly and who you should surround yourself with to ensure success.  Steve also explains why […]

Building an ORC Program

Alaina Kring, Senior Director, Loss Prevention Field Operations & Compliance at Gabes, and CLEAR Board Member chats with TalkLP host Amber Bradley about creating organized retail crime (ORC) programs within her organization, how to educate internal stakeholders about ORC, and the intricacies of implementing that program within your company.  She also discusses the importance of […]

Want to Move Up? Get Really Good at Letting Go.

TalkLP host Amber Bradley sits down with Will England, Vice President, Asset Protection, Risk Management, and Compliance at Weis Markets to discuss critical aspects of climbing the corporate ladder.  Will provides his insights from his career taking focus on the transition from single store to multi-store and then from district responsibilities to regional responsibilities.  Learning […]

Managing Outliers to Make an Impact

How do you turn 17,000 stores on a dime?  Ken Peschier, Vice President of Asset Protection for Dollar General, joins TalkLP host Amber Bradley to discuss finding that needle in the shrink haystack and what it’s like to control the top 1 percent.  Ken explains how his excellent Asset Protection team tackles managing outliers to […]

Real Actions to Accomplish Diversity of Thought

TalkLP host Amber Bradley and special guest co-host Meredith Plaxco, Vice President of Loss Prevention and Safety at PetSmart welcome Julie Giblin, Vice President of Loss Prevention at ULTA Beauty, into the TalkLP hot seat to discuss human resources perspectives on the loss prevention function, importance of professional development, and some diversity / inclusion actual […]

In the Hot Seat with Hanwha Techwin

TalkLP host Amber Bradley puts Jordan Rivchun, Leader of Retail, Banking, and Cannabis Solutions and Strategy at Hanwha and Kevin Darnell, Retail Business Development Manager at Hanwha Techwin America in HOT seat answering audience questions about some major issues such as: How the National Defense Authorization Act is impacting the camera market Artificial Intelligence: How […]

Predicting Social Unrest through Qualitative Research

Ryan Long, Head of Global Intelligence and Executive Protection for McDonald’s, joins TalkLP host Amber Bradley to chat about being an intelligence analyst for nearly 20 years.  What exactly does this sexy title mean?  Is it data or all cloak and dagger? Ryan explains his role and how he serves McDonald’s through his role.  He […]

Managing the Complexities of Restaurant Security

Sean Foley, SVP of Enterprise Security Sales at Interface Security, with Interface joins TalkLP host Amber Bradley to talk lessons from COVID, protecting workers while increasing drive-thru speed, PPE, and partnering with local law enforcement with restaurant loss prevention executives Louis Burke, Senior Manager, Safety and Loss Prevention at El Pollo Loco and Chris Magana, […]

Actionable Ways to be Responsible for Cybersecurity

Twenty-two years and counting for industry veteran Mike Mata who is currently the Director of Cyber Security and Retail Loss Prevention at Worldwide Golf Enterprises.  TalkLP host Amber Bradley sits down with Mike to hear how he proactively did the work to add cybersecurity to his responsibilities.  Mike provides the TalkLP audience with his path […]

Innovation in EAS Tags? Hear what Kroger is doing.

Think EAS tags can’t be innovative?  Think again. TalkLP host welcomes Carlton Hemphill, Senior Retail Operations Manager, at Kroger to talk about how he’s working to beat organized retail crime (ORC) and opportunistic shoplifters with this simple, yet effective, innovation.  Need proof?  Carlton’s got it.  Hear him explain his product test, how he did it […]

GBI’s Assistant Director: ORC’s Connection to Gangs, Violence, Hezbollah and Politics

TalkLP host Amber Bradley welcomes John Melvin, Assistant Director – Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) to talk about the connection between Organized Retail Crime to gangs, violence, Hezbollah and politics.  In this intense conversation, John gives us a law enforcement perspective on how ORC impacts our society and what politicians can do about it — […]

Loss Prevention’s Take on Retail Predictions

TalkLP host Amber Bradley sits down with Vice President of Education at the National Retail Federation (NRF), Susan Reda to talk retail predictions for 2021 and why they matter to loss prevention.  We also discuss how those predictions are holding up being mid-year and why it’s important for loss prevention executives to pivot.  Susan also […]

Talking Tech with Tom: Easy SCO Product Protection?

Talking Tech with Tom episode 2 brings you more education on the hottest tech topics — this week’s ControlTek’s newest products and partnerships PLUS the latest innovation in protecting products while making it easy for self-checkout….yep, you heard that right.  Self-checkout and even scan and go now have options for protecting high-dollar merchandise.  Tom Meehan, […]

In His Own Words: Ben Dugan on the WSJ’s Exposé on ORC

The Wall Street Journal published an exposé about organized retail crime (ORC) featuring Ben Dugan, Director of Organized Retail Crime & Corporate Investigations at CVS Health. It’s an interesting article that describes the war on ORC that retailers continuously fight — and how CVS is working hard to lead the industry on this growing challenge.  […]

The Importance of Explaining the Why

TalkLP was extremely excited to take a walk in the brain of Chris Nelson, Senior Vice President / Head of Asset Protection at Gap Inc. with guest co-host Mike Keenan, President and CEO at Goodwill Industries of Greater East Bay.  Chris talks with Mike and host Amber Bradley about his time in the military, the […]

Unapologetic Series: Guess Who’s Traveling Again…

TalkLP host Amber Bradley chats with Wicklander-Zulawski & Associate’s Brett Ward, CFI in our next episode of “Unapologetic.”  Guess who’s traveling again?  That’s right.  And you can guess how excited he is about it!  (actually, pretty excited!)  Listen now to hear how he feels about it — what he’s hearing in the industry now we’re […]

Why Digging in to Total Retail Loss is Important

Pamela Velose, Vice President of Asset Protection/Safety and Store Operations at Belk knows retail.  There’s no doubt about that.  Check out this podcast with special guest co-host John Matas, CFE, CFCI, Head of Global Fraud & Risk Operations at Etsy and TalkLP host Amber Bradley dig in to Pamela’s career, how she has been successful […]

Talking Tech with Tom

What’s up TalkLP podcast fans?  We’re here today to dispel a few myths — including, did Tom Meehan really write that book on Asset Protection? Trust me, I was a doubter — but Tom owns up to the truth on this episode of TalkLP.  We also talk about scam calls on your iPhone and other […]

Keith White’s Corporate Insights for America

TalkLP guest co-host Debbie Maples,  VP Global Safety & Security: Intelligence, Investigations & Protection at Salesforce, joins host Amber Bradley to interview Keith White, Chief of Safety and Security for Salesforce.com at Salesforce.  As many know, Keith started his career as a loss prevention agent and has ascended up the ranks to many c-level roles.  Hear […]

What do CFOs Really Want from LP Executives?

This episode of TalkLP features host Amber Bradley and special guest co-host Peter Chie, VP of Asset Protection at Bloomingdale’s interviewing the CFO of Bloomingdale’s, Scott Zettell.  Scott provides insights into exactly what he’s expecting when evaluating capital, what’s important to him from asset protection executives as well as how he started in asset protection […]

Demonstrating LP’s Value to Operations

TalkLP host Amber Bradley is joined by guest co-host David Shugan, CFI, Sr. Director of Asset Protection for Carter’s to pick the brain of Robert LaCommare, CFI, Vice President of Asset Protection for Big Lots Stores.  This episode covers ways loss prevention professionals can demonstrate the value of LP to operations.  We also hear what […]

The Value of the Informal Job Shadow

Ok, when it comes to new ideas to consider – David Ruffing, Vice President of Loss Prevention, Remote Operations, and Investigations at Kohl’s, kills it.  TalkLP host Amber Bradley and David discuss many critical lessons learned along his career path including — rapid expansion, navigating internal politics, understanding people, and the importance of training.  Hear […]

Intentional Leadership in Action

Meredith Plaxco, Vice President, Loss Prevention and Safety at PetSmart joins TalkLP host Amber Bradley for a specific and unique conversation about all-things leadership.  Specifically, Meredith shares her own personal belief system of measuring goals and staying on track to be an intentional leader.  Trust me, you’re doing to have writers (or typers) cramp after […]

Getting Comfortable with Uncomfortable

TalkLP host Amber Bradley is stoked to moderate this RLPSA panel with James Fripp, Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer from YUM! Brands and Steven Antoine, Chief Security Officer for YUM! Brands to discuss “Getting Comfortable with Uncomfortable” from their keynote session at the Restaurant Loss Prevention & Security Association (RLPSA) Annual Conference To Go March […]

Captain Phillips: Never Trust a Pirate

In this episode, TalkLP host Amber Bradley sits down with the Restaurant Loss Prevention & Security Association’s (RLPSA) keynote speaker Captain Richard Phillips as a sneak preview to his speech that was supposed to happen in-person at the Orlando 2020 conference….that was moved to March, 2021.  As you all know by now, the conference happened […]

The Accelerated LP: A conversation with a President

TalkLP host Amber Bradley sits down with a security technology thought leader, Robert Raff, President of Stanley Security Solutions at STANLEY Security. Raff talks about his perspective of working with loss prevention security professionals during COVID-19 and how they are preparing for the future.  Raff and Bradley also talk vendors selling vaporware, the best of […]

Why You Should Take Things Personal

TalkLP host Amber Bradley and guest co-host Melissa Allgood, CFI, chat with Marty Andrews, CFI, Vice President of VF Corporation.  Curious what VF Corporation is?  How did Marty make it through mergers, acquisitions and multiple corporate cultures?  Take a listen!  Marty and crew discuss why loss prevention professionals SHOULD take things personally — including social […]

Calculating Career Moves

In this episode “Calculating Career Moves,” TalkLP host Amber Bradley discusses many leadership topics with Peter Chie, CFI, Operating Vice President, Asset Protection and Risk Management for Bloomingdale’s.  Peter discusses the elements professionals should consider prior to making a career change and defines his 4 “B’s” of leadership and success.  Take a look and listen […]

How LP Prepares You for the CEO Role

President and CEO of Goodwill Industries of Greater East Bay Mike Keenan, CPP, CFI, LPC joins TalkLP host Amber Bradley and guest co-host Angie Barnes, Executive Vice President of Sales for NAVCO.  This episode discusses how Mike’s extensive experience in loss prevention gave him a unique and valuable perspective for his current role as CEO.  […]

Making the Diversity & Inclusion Conversation Stick

In this episode TalkLP podcast host Amber Bradley keeps it real on a vital topic, “Making the Diversity & Inclusion Conversation Stick.”  TalkLP is honored to have one of the top diversity and inclusion minds, James Fripp, Chief Equity & Inclusion Officer for YUM! Brands join industry-innovator Steven Antoine, Chief Security Officer for YUM! Brands […]

The TRUTH About Surrounding Yourself with Good People

After starring in his own podcast episode, “Solving Your Own LP Groundhog Day,” TalkLP host Amber Bradley welcomes guest co-host David Lund, CFI, MBA, LPC, Vice President of Loss Prevention at Dick’s Sporting Goods to interview his long-time friend and colleague David Shugan, CFI, Senior Director of Asset Protection at Carter’s.  This podcast episode gets […]

Unapologetic Series: Staying Hungry

TalkLP host Amber Bradley and special guest host of our Unapologetic Series, Brett Ward, CFI, Vice President at Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates, welcome Debbie Maples, Vice President Global Loss Prevention, Corporate Security & Facilities at Williams-Sonoma, Inc.  This podcast gets meaty with discussion on entitlement, navigating internal politics, gender & diversity issues and more!  Listen now […]

Passing the Torch

TalkLP host Amber Bradley sat down with Mike Lamb, former Vice President of Asset Protection of Kroger and the current Vice President of Asset Protection at Kroger, Mark Stinde, to talk passing of the torch from one industry veteran to another.  This podcast is value-packed for those interested in building their network, understanding what it […]

Solve Your Own LP Groundhog Day

TalkLP host Amber Bradley chats with industry-veteran David Lund, MBA, CFI, LPC, Vice President of Loss Prevention for Dick’s Sporting Goods.  We talk how to solve your own LP Groundhog Day…and what David would have told his 20-year-old-car-salesman-self back in the day.  Oh yeah, and work/life balance? Get some insight from “therapists” David and Amber […]

Building Your Own LP Ladder

TalkLP host Amber Bradley and guest co-host David Thompson, CFI, from Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates chat with Jennifer Schaefer, MA, LPC, Field Asset Protection Manager with T-Mobile. Jennifer talks how to navigate the loss prevention industry by building your own career ladder.  She talks creativity, being open to new challenges and deciding to take calculated risks.  […]

The Value of Transferable Skills in LP

TalkLP host Amber Bradley and guest co-host Wicklander-Zulawski & Associate’s Dave Thompson, CFI grab a chat with Melissa Allgood, CFI, Director Loss Prevention for NBC/Universal Studios Hollywood about her role and the value of transferable skills in the loss prevention industry.  Melissa is definitely an industry veteran with some major experience — but how does […]

GROC’s Keynote with NBA Legend Dominique Wilkins

Host of TalkLP, Amber Bradley, and Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates’ Dave Thompson, CFI were totally fan-girling out at GROC’s PIVOT Virtual ORC conference in August interviewing its keynote speaker NBA legend Dominique Wilkins!  Check out these lessons on PIVOTing in 2020 and how true leaders get it done in life and also in the board room.

Women in LP: Breaking Barriers in a Male Dominated Industry

TalkLP host Amber Bradley had the honor and pleasure of moderating GROC’s breakout panel, “Women in LP: Breaking Barriers in a Male Dominated Industry” at its recent PIVOT conference.  Just when you think you know what women in the loss prevention industry have to say about being executives in a male dominated industry, you have […]

De-escalation in the Real World

Are you tired of wearing a mask?  Me too.  And lots of other folks are too, however, I know those reading this don’t get nasty about it.  But. Some do.  I sat down with Lyle Forcum, Executive Director of Loss Prevention for Panda Restaurant Group to discuss what should be done in these intense scenarios.  […]

GROC’s PIVOT: A convo with Scott Glenn

TalkLP host Amber Bradley and Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates’, David Thompson, CFI sat down with Home Depot’s Vice President of Asset Protection at GROC’s PIVOT virtual ORC summit in August.  Check out the conversation where we get candid with Scott on his advice for these crazy times, and more importantly….how the hell do you protect all […]

Unapologetic with Brett Ward

Don’t you get tired of apologizing?  We do too.  Sometimes you just want to say what’s on your mind.  TalkLP host Amber Bradley and Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates’ Brett Ward, CFI are unapologetic in their analysis for what’s going on right now…and more importantly what loss prevention professionals can learn from it.  Take a listen, but […]

I’m dishonest. But so are you.

Is there such a thing as 100% honest all the time?  Take a listen to this podcast to understand the science that predicts how honest people will be and why that matters in the loss prevention industry.  TalkLP’s host, Amber Bradley and Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates’, Dave Thompson, CFI, discuss Dan Ariely’s book, The (Honest) Truth […]

A Leader’s Clear Vision

Amber and Dave were lucky enough to chat with Cary Jones, CFI, Vice President of Loss Prevention, Administration, and Compliance Officer with VisionWorks of American pre-COVID crisis.  So if you need a break from virus and you’re interested in some valuable leadership perspectives, this podcast is for you!  Cary provides insight on the unique business […]

Educating an Industry on ORC

Hey, remember when we had conversations and we didn’t have to talk about COVID.  This was one of those!  We were lucky enough to talk to Jerry pre-COVID crisis. You know, ORC wasn’t always ORC.  It took many individuals and an evolution in the loss prevention industry to truly understand the varying types of shoplifters […]

A Suite View: President & COO Talks LP

Larry Carroll joins the TalkLP as a guest co-host to interview his own President & COO, Jason Kidd, of 99 cents only stores!  We talk about C-suite perspectives of loss prevention, what executives care about, and why is it always, “what have you done for me lately?”  Take a listen as we get candid and […]

What the hell is Tag Recirculation? And why should I care?

Hear from the Store Operations and Director of LP Operations, Joe Liethen, CPA, formerly with Kohl’s Department Stores as he shares perspectives on why Loss Prevention professionals should care about this simple and effective way to impact your organization’s bottom line.  Not sure what the hell “Tag Recirulation” is?  Why not learn something new from […]

Masks are hot these days. Can you still read behavior?

It’s no doubt that masks are all the fashion rage this time of year…..er, well….due to other reasons, BUT we as a loss prevention industry still need to read behavior.  How can we do that with would-be-shoplifters and employees covering their faces with masks?  How can we apprehend shoplifters that cough on us?  Our resident […]

Post-COVID Debate: What’s being ignored?

Amber and Dave tackle another “She said / He said” podcast debating the question: What’s being ignored?  As an industry, we’re all focused on COVID-19 but what’s around the corner?  Are there any issues that loss prevention professionals should be aware of?  What type of “perfect storm” has this global pandemic caused?  Before you freak […]

The New Normal from the Delivery Leader

TalkLP host Amber Bradley and co-host Dave Thompson, CFI, sit down to talk the new normal post-pandemic with Van Carney, Director of Loss Prevention, Safety, and Security for Domino’s.  Learn about the history of Domino’s and how Van’s team dealt with quick innovation like contactless delivery. Thank you to Amphion for sponsoring this episode! Amphion […]

“O” is for InnOvator: A convo with Bob O.

Amber and Dave sit down with asset protection veteran Bob Oberosler, SVP of Loss Prevention at Dollar Tree Stores – Family Dollar, to talk innovation, the impact of COVID-19 on retail, and how to truly excel in the loss prevention industry.  Thank you to our sponsors Product Protection Solutions (PPS) and ALL-TAG! Find out more […]

What are you sick of?

Amber and Dave sit down with the (in)famous Brett Ward, CFI of Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates to talk: “What are you sick of?”  Why not get something off your chest?  We also cover what professionals should be doing right now (and in the future) to expand their career opportunities.  Brett enabled TalkLP to finally debut our […]

Top 5 ORC Concerns Post-COVID

Amber and Dave sit down with ORC expert, John Matas, CFI, CFCI, Corporate Principal, Fraud and Profit Protection for Macy’s Inc./FDS National Bank to discuss another TalkLP TOP 5: “Top 5 ORC Concerns Post-COVID.”  Any idea what’s coming next in this “new normal” for retail when it comes to ORC?  John has some insights from his […]

Real Solutions to Real Problems Series #1

Amber and Dave launch our first episode in a new series called, “Real Solutions to Real Problems.”  This industry is chock full of valuable solution providers that can help us solve real challenges.  Take a listen to Kris Vece, Vice President of Client Relations for Protos!  Kris talks about what’s going on in the guard […]

Top 5 Mistakes Interviewers Make

Dave Thompson enters the hot seat to discuss the Top 5 Mistakes Interviewers make in our first episode of a new series called, “TalkLP’s Top 5.”  Check this out to learn what you should or should not be doing…..hit us up at @LetsTalkLP to submit a “Top 5” topic! Disclaimer: We recorded this WAY before […]

Innovating to Maintain Your Edge

Amber and Dave chat with loss prevention executive, inventor, entrepreneur, and Shark Tank survivor!  Check out this former Director of US Security for McDonald’s and current loss prevention solution provider of all types of unique items that solve problems!

Preparing and Dealing with Crisis: What’s Frogger Got to do with it?

Amber and Dave sit down with Steven Antoine, Chief Security Officer, Global Assets Protection for YUM! Brands to discuss his philosophies on handling the crisis.  He answers the most important question: What’s Frogger got to do with it? Take a listen to Steven’s perspectives and have your twitter handle ready – he has lots of […]

Ensuring Your Career Health: What should you be doing now?

Amber and Dave talk to LP recruiting guru Chris O’Leary of Loss Prevention Recruiters, LLC about how to ensure your career health these days.  How important is professional development right now?  Which one should you be focused on?  How terrible is the “in-car selfie” for your LinkedIn photo?  Listen to find out!  Thank you to […]

Leadership in Crisis: A conversation with David Johnston, Dunkin’ Brands

David Johnston, Senior Director of Loss Prevention and Corporate Security at Dunkin’ Brands, sits down for a chat with Amber and Dave to talk lessons in leadership during a crisis.  Certainly fitting with the times we’re in — take a listen to see what you can learn.

She Said / He Said Debut

TalkLP hosts take on the Super Bowl halftime show complaints, #MeToo, Travel tips in light of the Coronavirus and more….take a listen if you’re not easily offended.  Hell, even if you are, it will be fun.

Talking Shop with Tim

Amber and Dave talk shop with Tim Lapinski, CFI, LPC from Helzberg Diamonds.  We cover Tim’s diverse background, his advice for creating an ROI for LP and the most annoying thing vendors do.  Thank you to Protos for sponsoring this episode!  #ProtosIsDaBomb Check it.

Shrink is on the LAMB at Kroger

Decreasing shrink is never easy – especially when dealing with perishable waste. Take a listen to hear how Mike Lamb tackles the complexities of grocery and his advice for young LP professionals. Thank you to Gatekeeper Systems for sponsoring this episode!

Handle Bar Mustache Handling LP

We are super stoked to welcome Jason Swanson from MOD Pizza to the podcast.  Special thanks to Agilence for sponsoring today’s conversation.  Jason teaches us about spreading the MODness and how LP skills translate from retail to restaurant, lickadee split!

What’s Trending: We actually are on video

It’s another “What’s Trending” series – but this time, we actually ARE on video….and yes, at the worst angle and lighting ever, but hey, get over yourself. Take a listen to the unscripted side of LP – where you never know what will come up or what you’ll learn along the way.  Be nice.

Amber and Dave get real with Larry Carroll

Amber and Dave get chatty with the VP of Asset Protection, Inventory Analytics and Compliance at 99 Cents Only Stores, Larry Carroll. Ever wonder what makes this guy tick?  Check out this podcast to see how this uber-successful industry veteran gets. things. done.

My body says whhhhhat about me?

Amber Bradley and Dave Thompson, CFI chat with body language expert Lisa Mitchell, CFI to discuss how body language in business and personal settings. Of course, the most important questions come up…like, “how do you know she’s into you?” (for all you singles out there – you’re welcome). Take a listen to this badass expert.

What’s Trending Series: “hey, we think we’re on video”

In our NEW “What’s Trending” series Amber Bradley and Dave Thompson, CFI pretty much shoot the bull and see what comes up. This one is especially nuts because we actually think we’re on video….although we didn’t quite figure that out yet….Enjoy.

Detective Joseph Hopkins, LAPD Steps Into the Hot Seat

Amber and Dave sit down to talk CALORCA and LEAPS with LAPD Detective Joseph Hopkins. You’ve seen him around the industry, now get to know him!

TalkLP Welcomes Adrian Beck

TalkLP hosts welcome Adrian Beck to talk about what he’s seen in the LP industry over the years and his newest research and retail trends. We also talk free research resources for loss prevention professionals (yes, even here in the US!).

TalkLP Gets Personal with Gus Downing

Get to know Gus in our unscripted environment! Take a listen to the unscripted side of LP when the industry’s leading interviewer becomes the interviewee!

Dave and Amber get the Scoop on the FL Retail Federation

Have you heard about these state retail organizations? Any clue what they’re about – or why you should care? Take a listen to Shelby Dotson from the Florida Retail Federation to find out!

Dave and Amber talk Netflix and False Confessions

Amber interviews Dave about his recent appearance on Netflix and why he doesn’t have an IMDB rating yet? You never know where this conversation will go…false confessions, Netflix suggestions, and IF you should interview people you know, yep, we went there.

Kickoff – TalkLP Welcomes New Host: David Thompson, CFI

Kickoff – TalkLP Welcomes New Host: David Thompson, CFI

Episode 5 – The Loss Prevention Foundation – A friendly and informational conversation with the newly appointed President, Terry Sullivan.

Terry, Amber, and Kevin talk about the history, the function, and the great benefits of the Loss Prevention Foundation.

Episode 4 – SEXUAL HARASSMENT INTERVIEW TRAINING – The topic of sexual harassment in the workplace continues to be a prevalent conversation throughout today’s society.

Brett Ward – Divisional Vice President – Business Development & Client Relations at Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates takes a deep dive into this sensitive yet relevant subject with Amber and Kevin.

Episode 3 – CLIMBING THE LEADERSHIP LADDER IN LP – The journey, challenges, and best practices of rising through the ranks in Loss Prevention / Asset Protection – Kathleen Smith – VP of Asset Protection at Albertsons Company

TalkLP.com’s third episode is an in depth conversation with Kathleen Smith, a well regarded senior leader in the LP / Asset Protection industry. Kathleen shares her experience in transitioning from law enforcement to Loss Prevention as well as some tips to those looking to increase their role and responsibility.

Episode 2 – FALSE CONFESSIONS – Obtaining an admission of guilt for a crime for which the confessor is not responsible – Dave Thompson – VP of Operations at W-Z

TalkLP.com’s second episode is a conversation with Dave Thompson, an interview and interrogation expert. Dave has been heavily involved in the national conversation regarding false confessions for the past few years. His expertise and perspective on the future of interviewing and interrogation is certainly interesting!

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