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Everything is an Interview

Everything is an Interview February 6, 2023Leave a comment

Paul Jaeckle, Vice President of Asset Protection of Meijer Stores, sits down with TalkLP Host Amber Bradley to talk grocery SUPERBOWL, setting a non-linear career path, the two way street of mentorship, and how to target learning specific skills to truly move forward.  Paul also talks about when to take a step back in your career and why.

Paul talks about his belief that you are responsible for your own career and how to take the reins of your own destiny!  Define yourself for who you are and why you are.  Forget competitive states – are you more capable than the rest?  Does your body of work represent that?  Take a listen to some salient points about how to grow in your career.

How do you define an asset?  It’s a changing landscape and Paul discusses how these definitions have changed recently and what else is on the horizon…  Listen today to this value-packed episode with this industry expert.

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Have a TalkLP.com podcast show idea and or interested in sponsoring one of our upcoming shows?