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Getting Comfortable with Uncomfortable

TalkLP host Amber Bradley is stoked to moderate this RLPSA panel with James Fripp, Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer from YUM! Brands and Steven Antoine, Chief Security Officer for YUM! Brands to discuss “Getting Comfortable with Uncomfortable” from their keynote session at the Restaurant Loss Prevention & Security Association (RLPSA) Annual Conference To Go March […]

Captain Phillips: Never Trust a Pirate

In this episode, TalkLP host Amber Bradley sits down with the Restaurant Loss Prevention & Security Association’s (RLPSA) keynote speaker Captain Richard Phillips as a sneak preview to his speech that was supposed to happen in-person at the Orlando 2020 conference….that was moved to March, 2021.  As you all know by now, the conference happened […]

The Accelerated LP: A conversation with a President

TalkLP host Amber Bradley sits down with a security technology thought leader, Robert Raff, President of Stanley Security Solutions at STANLEY Security. Raff talks about his perspective of working with loss prevention security professionals during COVID-19 and how they are preparing for the future.  Raff and Bradley also talk vendors selling vaporware, the best of […]


The TalkLP host isn’t scared of getting real. Let’s pull back the curtain on some of our industry’s hottest issues.

Amber Bradley

Amber Bradley has been in the Loss Prevention industry for more than 15 years in both the technology and awareness arenas. Amber is the founder of the Calibration Group, LLC, and is a brand-positioning expert with extensive experience across multiple business disciplines, including marketing and public relations. Amber’s proven success in creating multi-tiered, strategic marketing and communication campaigns continues to yield unmatched results for solutions providers, as well as retail loss prevention and operations professionals. Amber also serves as Executive Director for the Restaurant Loss Prevention and Security Association (RLPSA), and is a contributing editor for the D&D Daily, a daily e-news outlet specializing in providing the most relevant news for retail loss prevention, safety, and security professionals.

The Calibration Group provides loss prevention awareness programs for all different types of retailers as well as marketing and communication services for solution providers in the loss prevention industry.  Check out the offering here.


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Have a TalkLP.com podcast show idea and or interested in sponsoring one of our upcoming shows?