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How to Not Die on the Wrong Hill

How to Not Die on the Wrong Hill March 28, 2022Leave a comment

In this TalkLP episode, host Amber Bradley chats with the new Vice President of Safety and Loss Prevention at Domino’s, Nicole McDargh, CPP.  This extremely meaty episode will give you writer’s cramp as Nicole discusses how to communicate the value proposition for loss prevention teams and program investments.  She also explains why it’s so important to understanding how to NOT die on the wrong hill. Nicole gives practical advice on the key principles of making change in a new organization including your first task: knowing who to ask what questions.  And how important quick wins are both to new executives in an organization and even you veterans out there trying to excel at your current company.  Oh yeah, solution providers — Nicole explains why she’s probably the most difficult person you’ve ever pitched, and she provides the EXACT outline of how a solution provider introductory pitch should go.  Listen today to learn why you should know your target when pitching any internal program, sales prospects or even your own personal connections!

You can check out Nicole’s LinkedIn profile here (and if you haven’t before you call her, that’s nuts).

This episode is sponsored by the Restaurant Loss Prevention & Security Association (RLPSA) who is holding its Annual Conference April 10 – 13 in downtown Denver.  Nicole is speaking on various panels within an agenda that is PACKED with value.  Check out the agenda and register here. 

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