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Kroger Talks Tech & LPRC

Kroger Talks Tech & LPRC August 8, 2022Leave a comment

TalkLP host Amber Bradley sits down with Chris McCarrick, Senior Manager, Asset Protection Solutions and Technology and Kevin Larson, Senior Manager of Asset Protection at Kroger to talk LP technologies and what’s new at the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC).  Hear what Kroger is prioritizing to ensure their technologies are working together such as Gatekeeper Systems, FaceFirst, Everseen, etc. — but how do you get the funding for these safety-critical technologies?  Hear these industry veterans walk through how they tackle this challenge!

One way could be providing research from LPRC!  Hear how Kevin describes ways LPRC can be useful when obtaining capital funds for products! Interested in attending LPRC’s Annual Conference?  Check it out here. 

These two executives also talk face matching and how that technology can keep employees and customers safe — don’t fall for the face matching myths!  Download the Executive Briefing to learn how FaceFirst helps grocers stop violence, prevent theft, and create safer stores. Request our executive briefing now for use cases, benefits, and ROI details.

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Have a TalkLP.com podcast show idea and or interested in sponsoring one of our upcoming shows?