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Top 10 Podcasts of 2023

Top 10 Podcasts of 2023 December 29, 2023Leave a comment

As another year comes to a close and we breathe a sigh of anticipation for another new year to come, it’s always fun and valuable to take a look back at the successes of 2022.  It’s also important to show gratitude to all those supporters of TalkLP thus far: THANK YOU!!

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Let’s Count Down our TOP 10 most popular podcasts of 2023!

Number 10: Totally Unfiltered with Former Police Chief Kristen Ziman

TalkLP host Amber Bradley gets totally unfiltered with Kristen Ziman, Former Chief of the Aurora IL Police Department (Ret.), Professional Speaker, and Published Author of Reimagining Blue.  In this super real conversation, Amber and Kristen talk about the complexities of power, empathy, the divisiveness of the current state of this country, and more. How do (or should) loss prevention professionals wield their power in the interview room?  Kristen discusses treating suspects with respect and dignity at the same time holding people accountable for their actions.  How, you ask?  Listen to this extremely vulnerable conversation about race, loss prevention ethics, human connection, and more as Amber and Kristen discuss her book and keynote speech premise.

Number 9: Amazon Leadership Lessons A to Z

TalkLP Host Amber Bradley and co-host Angie Barnes, Executive Vice President Sales at NAVCO, sit down with Heather Warner, Head, Global Physical Security Operations Technology for Amazon.  Yep. That’s right – we were lucky enough to pick Heather’s brain about her time at Amazon, her career growth, the importance of leaning in to peoples’ superpowers and more! What is the Amazon culture like when it comes to LP, safety, and security?  Being ok with failing soft and fast > in a nutshell.  Listen as Heather describes “trying to break Amazon” by testing tech in small formats to fail small and fast which leads to greater learning.

Number 8:  Assessing Risk Both Personally and Professionally

Josh Phillips, Senior Director and Head of Safety & Asset Protection for Chipotle Mexican Grill sits down with TalkLP Host Amber Bradley to talk deviating career paths, the best way to truly be open-minded, and the BEST career advice he’s ever received.  Josh also talks about the benefits of creating a real and authentic workplace…and WHY should that matter?

Josh also opens up about the worst career advice he’s ever received… AND all those solution providers that don’t bother researching the business your pitching, don’t bother calling Josh.  Great advice: do your research and try to know the problem before walking in the door. Plus, understand how your solution is going to scale in large environments (#preach, Josh)!

Number 7: NRF Welcomes Scott McBride as Council Chair

National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Vice President of Asset Protection & Retail Operations David Johnston and the newly announced Chair of the NRF Loss Prevention Council, Scott McBride, Chief Global Asset Protection Officer & CSO at AMERICAN EAGLE OUTFITTERS INC. joins TalkLP Host Amber Bradley to discuss the re-energized direction of the NRF Loss Prevention initiatives under David and Scott’s leadership.  Both loss prevention veterans talk what’s new and what’s coming for the NRF — and it’s time to get excited.

Number 6: Debut of New TalkLP Host David Lund

TalkLP Host David Lund, CFI, LPC, interviews marketing and communication expert Amber Bradley about her role in the loss prevention industry, what inspires her, and of course, David’s signature “Terrible Twelve” questions to get her warmed up for the podcast!  Check out David’s debut episode with an industry veteran of a different sort.  For more information on Amber Bradley and what her company, the Calibration Group, does for the loss prevention industry, check it out here.

Number 5: Workplace Violence Threat Assessment with Frank Patercity

TalkLP Host Amber Bradley sits down with Frank Patercity, Director of Corporate Security, Investigations & Organized Retail Crime (ORC), for Kroger.  Frank & Amber discuss the evolution of learning when it comes to identifying potential workplace violence threats, what we need to understand and why it’s important to your organization.  Frank also explains exactly what a threat assessment professional’s duties are and are not.  Frank also discusses the broad potential fix for the active assailant issue and how a smaller company can implement a program without a ton of staff.  And what about “soft” landings? Listen to this today!

Number 4: In Other News: The Impact of Middle East Tensions on Retail

TalkLP Host Amber Bradley sits down with former CIA agent and station chief John Franchi to discuss the war in the Middle East and its impact on retail.  Learn about how this conflict erupted and the prediction for the future.  Also hear from an expert on international affairs about executive travel, supply chain impact and more.  John brings the TalkLP audience real education about world affairs and their impact on the retail industry. To subscribe to John Franchi’s periodic update on domestic and international affairs contact him at johnfranchi (at) hotmail.com.

Number 3: The Proof is in the ROI, Here’s How to Create It

TalkLP host Amber Bradley chats with Gianna Davis, Asset Protection Director of National Investigations for Albertsons Companies about establishing an ROI for needed investments.  Return-on-Investment (ROI) is often a played term, but it’s use is not going away any time soon…..so, better understand it.  ROI analysis of technology is often a cumbersome process.  Gianna walks the audience through her successful ROI process — including what numbers she needs, how she gets her departmental partners on board, and how to obtain funding for mission-critical technology.

Number 2: Priesthood or LP: A different type of Confession

TalkLP Host Amber Bradley sits down with James Cosseboom, Director of Asset Protection for Retail Business Services (AHOLD) – but he’ll explain that.  As a grocery asset protection industry veteran, Jim has seen his share of change and growth throughout his extensive career.  Hear how Jim decided he preferred catching shoplifters over becoming a priest….both involve confession, just different types as Jim tells it. Jim also discusses the structure of his team and all the various responsibilities they have in support of the AHOLD brands.  Jim also unveils the ONE technology that he says he just can’t live without right now….. check it out!

Number 1: Everything is an Interview

Paul Jaeckle, Vice President of Asset Protection of Meijer Stores, sits down with TalkLP Host Amber Bradley to talk grocery SUPERBOWL, setting a non-linear career path, the two way street of mentorship, and how to target learning specific skills to truly move forward.  Paul also talks about when to take a step back in your career and why.

Paul talks about his belief that you are responsible for your own career and how to take the reins of your own destiny!  Define yourself for who you are and why you are.  Forget competitive states – are you more capable than the rest?  Does your body of work represent that?  Take a listen to some salient points about how to grow in your career.

How do you define an asset?  It’s a changing landscape and Paul discusses how these definitions have changed recently and what else is on the horizon…  Listen today to this value-packed episode with this industry expert.

These were the top 10 most popular, by super narrow margin, so check out the other value-packed podcasts at here.  And we totally realize we didn’t give many of the Q4 released podcasts a chance!  So don’t miss them here!

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