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Top 10 Podcasts of 2022

Top 10 Podcasts of 2022 December 30, 2022Leave a comment

As another year comes to a close and we breathe a sigh of anticipation for another new year to come, it’s always fun and valuable to take a look back at the successes of 2022.  It’s also important to show gratitude to all those supporters of TalkLP thus far: THANK YOU!!

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Take a look at our top 10 most popular podcasts of 2022!

Number 10: “HSI Deputy Assistant Director Raul Aguilar on Fighting Back Against ORC” Deputy Assistant Director of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Raul Aguilar talks Operation Boiling Point, recent successes, what retailers can do to help, and gets a little personal with what makes him tick.  Raul goes into detail about the four pillars of Operation Boiling Point and how HSI and retailers are fighting back against organized retail crime (ORC).  Of course, Amber goes ‘unscripted’ asking Raul about current battles, recent successes, and the backbone of his career. Take a listen for a more in-depth look at HSI in this perfectly timed episode!

Number 9: “The One Test You Must Take” John Goldyn, Vice President of Loss Prevention for Gabes talks how to plan your next career move, why understanding the inventory process is SO important, and why partnering (or experiencing) business operations is critical to your career.  John also provides his “secret” job — and guess what, we all have (or should have) those secret jobs within our jobs that would help you get to where you want to be in your career!

Number 8: “Kroger Talks Tech & LPRC” TalkLP host Amber Bradley sits down with Chris McCarrick, Senior Manager, Asset Protection Solutions and Technology and Kevin Larson, Senior Manager of Asset Protection at Kroger to talk LP technologies and what’s new at the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC).  Hear what Kroger is prioritizing to ensure their technologies are working together such as Gatekeeper Systems, FaceFirst, Everseen, etc. — but how do you get the funding for these safety-critical technologies?  Hear these industry veterans walk through how they tackle this challenge!

Number 7: “Expert Duo DeSantis & Matas Talk Fighting ORC” Chris DeSantis,  Senior Director, Investigations & Fraud Strategy at Macy’s and John Matas, Head of Fraud Operations at Etsy chat with TalkLP host Amber Bradley at the recent NRF PROTECT conference about strategies for fighting organized retail crime (ORC).  Both gentlemen are respective experts in fighting ORC for a long time and they provide historical perspective including the recent media attention about the increase in this type of crime.   What’s the problem?  Decriminalization? Felony thresholds? Rouge DAs? More importantly, how do we work together to stop ORC?  Check out Chris and John’s suggestions!

Number 6: “How Not to Die on the Wrong Hill” Vice President of Safety and Loss Prevention at Domino’s, Nicole McDargh, CPP discusses how to communicate the value proposition for loss prevention teams and program investments.  She also explains why it’s so important to understanding how to NOT die on the wrong hill. Nicole gives practical advice on the key principles of making change in a new organization including your first task: knowing who to ask what questions.  And how important quick wins are both to new executives in an organization and even you veterans out there trying to excel at your current company.  Oh yeah, solution providers — Nicole explains why she’s probably the most difficult person you’ve ever pitched, and she provides the EXACT outline of how a solution provider introductory pitch should go.  Listen today to learn why you should know your target when pitching any internal program, sales prospects or even your own personal connections! You can check out Nicole’s LinkedIn profile here (and if you haven’t before you call her, that’s nuts).

Number 5: “Ring of Excellence Winner: Alisa Dart” NRF’s Ring of Excellence Winner Alisa Dart, Group Vice President of Asset Protection for the Albertsons Companies talks how she feels about why she won the award and what leadership philosophies she’s adopted over her career. [You can also learn how to correctly say Alisa’s name – A-Lisa.]  Alisa also provides some advice for those solution providers out there looking to help solve problems for retailers and grocers.

Number 4: “Want to Move Up? Get Really Good at Letting Go.” Will England, Vice President, Asset Protection, Risk Management, and Compliance at Weis Markets to discusses critical aspects of climbing the corporate ladder.  Will provides his insights from his career taking focus on the transition from single store to multi-store and then from district responsibilities to regional responsibilities.  Learning to trust your team and understanding how to let go is extremely important to transcending your current role, Will explains.  Hear how this multi-talented executive influences his team and people around him for the betterment of the organization.  Oh yeah, he also flies planes too!

Number 3: “Strategic (and Scary) Career Pivots” A pivot to a store manager? Yes, sir. TalkLP Host Amber Bradley grills Khristopher (Khris) Hamlin, Vice President, Asset Protection at Saks OFF 5th to explains why he decided to divert his climb up the asset protection ladder to obtain operations experience as a store manager.  This brave 25-year veteran describes how to he did it (and why) — including selecting his mentor and managing that relationship.  Khris also explains why it’s so important HOW you craft the message you’re trying to convey within a relatable sense to your specific audience.

Number 2: “Thinking Long term vs. Here & Now” Oscar Arango, Vice President of Assets Protection for Target talks thinking creatively about positions within your career journey and the importance of connecting to the daily challenges within a store.  Oscar also shares his thoughts on influencing store and field teams to positively impact the organization by gathering real-world information within the stores.

Number 1: “Managing Outliers to Make an Impact” How do you turn 17,000 stores on a dime?  Ken Peschier, Vice President of Asset Protection for Dollar General, joins TalkLP host Amber Bradley to discuss finding that needle in the shrink haystack and what it’s like to control the top 1 percent.  Ken explains how his excellent Asset Protection team tackles managing outliers to maximize labor while understanding operational opportunities as they solve shrink challenges.

Ken also explains his mindset to successfully manage a large political structure to accomplish his goals for the betterment of Dollar General. Ken also explains the mantra he hires by, “Hire for will, teach the skill.”   Also in closing, Ken shares his advice for solution providers coming in to pitch Dollar General (hint: visit a store).

These were the top 10 most popular, by super narrow margin, so check out the other value-packed podcasts at here.  And we totally realize we didn’t give many of the Q4 released podcasts a chance!  So don’t miss them here!

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